Nursing school problems


Another memory I simply have to laugh at was one that occurred during my labor and delivery rotation. L&D was my least favorite by far, normally I view myself as a tough cookie but something about the whole birthing process gave me high amounts of anxiety.

In nursing school you only get two solid days on the actual delivery unit, and the rest are spent on the postpartum ward, so while being on the labor unit I at least wanted to see a delivery. After two days of waiting and the end of my second and last shift approached, disappointment settled in my stomach. My patient wasn’t anywhere near delivery for the second day in a row, and I sat at the nurses station watching the fetal heart strips on the monitor. Suddenly a team of health care providers burst out of a room down the hall taking a patient to C-section. The nurse who was mentoring me nudged me and said “get in there and go place the catheter in the operating room.”  So excited to be a part of the action, I scrambled to get to the gown cart in the hall where the surgical gowns, hair covers, shoe covers etc. are stored. In my haste to catch up to the physicians and nurses in the operating room, I grabbed one of the covers and tried to yank it over my head. I remember thinking “ugh I have so much hair it won’t fit.” I tried shifting my hair, but nothing was working. “Jesus how do other people get their head in this damn thing?” I soon got my answer when I heard a roar of laugher from the nurses station. “Sweetie that’s for your shoe stop putting it on your head!” I couldn’t turn around to let them see my face flush bright red, so I grabbed the next box of covers and ran towards the OR. Needless to say most everyone at that nurses station probably said their prayers for any of my future patients that night.


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